How To Navigate The Baby Formula Shortage Safely

With 75% of infants needing baby formula before they are six months old, finding empty shelves in local stores creates anxious moments for parents. Let’s find out how to navigate the baby formula shortage safely.

What Can You Do?

If you find your local area retailers out of baby formula, you have options. Panicking is not one of them.

Search out other options. Check drug stores and smaller retailers that may still have some on the shelves.

Rely on generic brands. These are fully regulated and just as nutrient-rich as the name brands you have been purchasing. If you normally buy the Target brand, it will be the same as Walmart.

A baby formula display sits empty at supermarket as a result of nationwide baby formula shortage.

Check online availability of formula at the large box stores or pharmacies. They get shipments in, but they can be gone quickly. Keep checking and have it shipped. Keep in mind that many suppliers are limiting amounts.

If your baby is on a specific type of formula, check with Kids First Pediatrics of Raeford and Fayetteville if a specialty formula alternative will be safe.

Check social media groups for other sources.

What NOT To Do

Do NOT purchase formulas from foreign entities.

Do NOT water down the formula to try and make it last longer. This can be dangerous and cause nutritional imbalances in your child.

Do NOT try to make your own formula.

Do NOT use cow’s milk as an alternative with two caveats: use it for only a few days if absolutely necessary and only if your child is closer to a year old. While using cow’s milk, supplement their diet with iron-enriching foods or they could become anemic. Your pediatrician may give you an iron supplement.

Do NOT use almond milk or other plant kinds of milk as they are low in protein and minerals.

Do NOT use a toddler’s formula for an infant.

Infants have very specific nutritional needs so don’t hesitate to contact Kids First Pediatrics of Raeford and Fayetteville with questions if you are having trouble finding formula.

Some other resources:

Contact Kids First Pediatrics of Raeford and Fayetteville at (910) 848-5437 if you have questions about your baby’s nutritional needs during this formula shortage.