What To Do After Your Child Is Diagnosed With Autism

Over three million people in the US are diagnosed with Autism, and finding out your child is one of them can be life altering. What to do, who to speak to, and how to get help are usually the first questions you think about. Let’s discover what to do after your child is diagnosed with Autism.

Early Intervention Is Key

There is no cure for Autism, but there are therapies to get your child on the right track. The critical period in a child’s development is from age 0 to age 3, but whatever age your child is diagnosed, seek out the best therapy for your child.kid holding a teddy bear.

It might be social and behavioral therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, or physical therapy. Talk with Kids First Pediatrics of Raeford about how to prioritize which type of therapy is best for them.

Discover How Your Child Communicates

This is a tough one because you want quick answers. The hardest part is to “listen” without ears. Watch, look, and listen with your eyes. No matter the problem, your child will be communicating with you, in their own way of course. Once you learn how your child is communicating with you and the rest of the world, you will be able to respond back to them, and that is an important step.

Be Sure You And Your Partner Are On The Same Page

This is way easier said than done. There will be times of stress, anger, discouragement, and loneliness. Going through this together will help you to successfully come out the other end with your marriage intact.

Identify priorities and delegate responsibilities. Decide who handles medical appointments, and paperwork, who does the driving, and if there are siblings, who takes the lead there. It may seem like trivial worries, but it will pay off having this decided ahead of time.

Recognize Your Love Will Not Change

Just because your child has Autism, it should not affect your love or relationship with your child. You will love them no matter what. What may change is:

  • The way you parent
  • How you communicate
  • How you will determine success

Find A Networking Group

Finding a group or even a few others who also have an autistic child can provide many benefits for you and your child. Being able to discuss successes, frustrations and challenges with someone who understands is invaluable.

You will discover you are not alone, maybe find some additional ways to cope, and be able to vent in a safe environment.

Contact Kids First Pediatrics of Raeford for guidance if your child has been diagnosed with Autism.

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