Summer Break: Activities For Children With Disabilities

Lockdowns have been hard on all children, but especially those with disabilities. Now that the weather is warming and we are returning to normal, it is the perfect time for these summer activities.

Try Some Chalk Art

Enjoy the sunshine and get out there with some colored chalk. Use the shady sidewalk or chalkboards, and have your child draw and design. This is an inexpensive and easy way to draw shapes, pictures, numbers, and spell words. Be sure to purchase the chunky chalk for sidewalks.Happy boy in wheelchair playing with children and kite sunset.

Get Wet

Go to a water park, turn on your hose or sprinklers in the backyard, or fill up a small pool and watch kids of all ages have a blast. These types of activities will help with gross motor skills. And it’s fun!

Family Activities They Can Plan

Think about all the things you can do this summer as a family. Make a list and have your child pick what he or she would like to do. It will help them to feel a little more in control and aids in making decisions. Whatever they choose will be fun for everyone, and they can reap the rewards of a “great idea.” Whether it be a picnic, trip to the park, a vacation place, or a family dinner, give them the choice.

Look For Summer Camps

See if you can find one which focuses on children with special needs.

Create A Campout At Home

Throw a blanket or large tablecloth over a table and chairs to create a camp or fort. You can do the same outside. Buy a sleeping bag and tell stories inside your camp. To instill creativity, let them come up with multiple endings to the stories. It can also serve as a quiet place for them if they become overwhelmed.

Devote Part Of A Day To A Petting Zoo

The petting zoo is a great place for them to learn sensory experience as they pet and touch some of the animals.

A regular zoo or aquarium is also a fun activity.


Find some simple puzzles and throw them on the floor. This helps with coordination and visual perception. Someone might become the “Puzzle King,” or “Puzzle Queen.”

Plant Sunflower Seeds

Find ones that grow quickly and tall. Your little ones can plant as directed and measure their height as they grow through the summer. They get a dose of math, science, and wonder at the same time.

Reach out to Kids First Pediatrics at (910) 848-5437 for more summer activities for children with disabilities.