A Message from Kids First Pediatrics

We, at Kids First Pediatrics, and our work family, mourn with our community. We grieve the losses of too many black men and women whose lives have been senselessly taken.
We are listening to the voices within our community and to those across the nation who are protesting racial injustice.
We have devoted our careers to caring for children. This is what we believe:
Every child deserves to feel safe
Every child deserves the chance to thrive and live their best life
Every child deserves to be treated fairly and with dignity
We condemn systemic racism and discrimination in all forms. Racial discrimination casts a lifelong shadow that undermines the health and well-being of our children and prevents us from realizing the full promise of our community.
We stand together with our community against racism, fear, and social injustice. We want to stand up for one another to end discrimination.
We want to move toward one another to find our common humanity and bring healing. We uphold human dignity for all of our families.
How do you talk to your kids about race and racism? We have a few ideas to start the conversation:
When you speak up about injustice towards yourself or others, I will listen.
When you are challenged by ideas that are new or different from yours, try listening to seek understanding.
It’s ok to be afraid you might say the wrong thing.
Some conversations are difficult, but they are important.
Most importantly, your children are listening to and watching you. Your words and actions matter.

Dr. Jose Buenaseda, Dr. Leamor Buenaseda, Dr. Sashidhar, Melanie Pitts DNP NP-C, Whitney Smith PA-C, Danielle Trigg CPNP
Katrina Perez CPNP

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